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Statuta Hospitalis Hierusalem.

Statuta Hospitalis Hierusalem. - Romae [Rome], 1588 - [40], 203, [17] pages : illustrations, portraits, map ; 32 cm (folio)

Edited by Giovanni Battista Rondinelli. Engravings by Philippe Thomassin: engraved title-page, 16 engraved plates, 20 engraved text illustrations within woodcut borders. The illustrations include two maps of Malta, medallion portraits of leading figures in the order, and scenes representing the order's tenets and goals. Place and date from separate title page for index.

Includes index by Veltronius, with separate title page, in ornamental border.

Adams, H.M. Catalogue of books printed on the continent of Europe, 1501-1600, in Cambridge libraries; J152 J151

Although the revised statutes of the Knights Hospitaller had been approved in March 1586, their publication was delayed for two years until the appearance of this copiously illustrated volume, edited by Giovanni Battista Rondinelli. It is evident from the presence of Hugues de Loubens-Verdale as cardinal, an elevation that did not take place until December 1587, in a number of plates, that the eventual execution of the work was not fully formulated until the year of publication. However, the complexity of the production, particularly the integration of lavish engraved illustrations with woodcut borders, has resulted in a remarkable number of variant editions.

Knights of Malta -- Statutes--Early works to 1800.
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